Monday, March 26, 2007

Imagining Music

At the first music, I felt like if I was on a river, then, a group of Indians came and started to build a village. While they were developing, they left behind the old style and became more civilized, and each time, they kept working on that village that later it returned into a city. The people doing the city were no longer Indians, but modern people. Then, the city was more sophisticated, modern, and civilized that it started to look as in the future. All was made of steel, the cars flied, and it all looked really, really strange, with robots, and advanced technology.

At the third music, I felt like if I was a farmer, in my farm feeding all my animals. In that moment I was feeding a pig who was in mud. I began to work hard on maintaining the farm clean, neat and nice. I heard the voice of my father who was on a horse ridding, I said him hello, but I had to keep working. I collect paja from the edges of the fence which were surrounding the farm. I put it where the chicken lay eggs, so she could be comfortable. At the end, I imagine my myself at the end dancing with all the animals happily because the farm was finally neat.

At the last music, I imagine myself in the Middle East, but at the same time in an Indian valley. There was a man singing on the middle of a sermon and we all danced around him. I was dressed all red with blue, and my face was painted with white. But then, the man started to burp for a long time, and that made us stop dancing. They had kicked out that man by lack of respect to a dragon which at that time we were worshiping. While they were firing him, they hire two other mans. They begin singing, and we danced as we were worshiping the dragon.

As we were worshiping the dragon, the sky returned black and the painted dragon that was on the ceiling had revived, flying all over the room. The people were really scared and ran everywhere because the dragon was eating everyone. While people escaped, they tripped into fire, and they burned everything, making it a chaos, all we all died.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Well, what I think about the Teen Life Project is that it was really great, and it is very important to the people who learn about it because they received important statements of problems we are having around the world, stories that happened, and much more. It was a really good experience to me because we all worked as a group to research information, find the causes and the effects of many things, and lessons. The best part was when we convert all the information we research to a video. All the groups in some schools around the world are working to make this video good so all the people in the world watch it and learn important things, datas that they didn't knew, and much more. I think that this Teen Life Project is really good for everyone because it might change the way of thinking of whoever watches the videos we had made.

What I really didn't like was the researching of information, and worst because I hate to summarize the information. We had to pass the information into summarized into our blogs, then summarized it again into a wiki page, then we had to do the same thing but in our Google accounts… We had to do many steps. I didn’t like it so much because we had to summarized every time!

When we were making the video, I always made mistakes, I made the work more harder for Nora because I was always the one who had made mistakes in the video, so we had to repeat and repeat the scene. But we finally finished! Then we had some problems with the camera because the ..Camera was from Europe, so… Sorry because we hadn’t send the video… SORRY!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

TLP Project " Mother warns of drinking dangers"

A Mother called Wanda, warns all teenagers from all around the world to avoid alcohol, because of the experiences of her daughter Hayley, which started to drink at age 12 to 16. Then she got hooked at it.

Hayley at her addiction, took money from her paper-round; she bought eight cans of beer a day, and a bottle of Vodka to fund her habit. But now Hayle, living in Bloxwich, in the Black Country drinks about five cans at the day. Her Mother Wanda urged to say all the teenages around the world to avoid drinking alcochol. She says that you just don't even think about it. Don't do it. Hayley says she drank a couple of cans a couple of nights of the week.

Her grandmother's health was getting worse. As her nan's health deteriored, it did aswell her drinking habits. When it passed away her illness, Hayley drank 8 cans a day and a bottle of Vodka.

The teenager drank about Bloxwich cemetery, when her grandmother was buried. Hayley, at age 14 was considered an alcoholic. Hayle says she wants to beat up her addiction and is now a home-detox plan.

Hayley says its really hard to get over her addiction. She says that she would like to be a drug and alcohol counseller, when she gets her indepency. Her mother, besides keeping away alcochol as far away from her home, she warns all young people to keep away from alcohol. She wants to make realize how much damage alcohol can cause to people.

"Keep away from alcohol, just avoid it. Don't even try it," Wanda says, "you don't imagine what does alcohol causes to you. It damages you kidneys, liver, stomach, liver, etc, even to your brain, which drives you to the death."

In General, what I think of all this;

What I think of this topic, is that all kids around the world are each time
Are being introduced to the world of drugs. Each time, the age of this kids range really low down to 8 – years. Its really hard to think seeing children, teenagers, etc., driking and consuming drugs without permission of their parents. This issue is really abundant in the whole world, and everytime, more and more cases of teen drugaddicts are presented. This kids are affected by drugs because they might have been kicked out of home or either beaten from their parents, other kids, and much more things, which conduce them to consume drugs because they think that the drug will make them forget all their problems but instead, it make feel teenagers guilty of what they are doing, and everytime they keep in the world of drugs, they each time become addicts to drugs, which for them is really hard to get over them. But its not their fault. Are the people who surround them, who make their lifes impossible. These humans feel lots of pressure in using these drugs to forget everything. This children should have attention medically inmediatly!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

TLP Project

Now that I'm Nohora's pattner, I have to combine her information with mines. I had been reading her blog and it's really interesting. It talks about how does teenages are affected by drugs, etc. I read a story in Nohora's blog about John Smith. Is about a guy who has two parent which are really busy, specially his father who had returned in that moment the owne of onw of the famouse clubs in his country. Their parents couldn't see his drug using synthoms.

One day, John was hanging with some strange guys who made John be involved in the world of drugs. John wouldn't stop asking for money from his mother. Her mother never knew he had been using that money for buying drugs. Then their parents brought him o Austria for some medical treatments, and, John was really lucky that he got better.

But then, when John Smith returned to his home, the ¨friends¨ or the strnge guys he had met before told him that Colombia was the paradise of drugs. He took travel to Colombia in look fo drugs. Then, his parents were really worried about his son. They had told their parent that some guys told John that Colombia was a paradise for drugs so he might probably be there.

One day John returned crazy by consuming to much drug that he destroyed all the apartament. The neighboors, who where listening to all the noises and screams John was making, rapidly they called to the police. They catched John, informing their parents that he was in Colombia, sumarizing all what had happened in that day. He was brought to the clinic of Nohora'sdad, which he made a good job.

Finally, John was with their parents but he feeled the need to consume drugs. One day he mixed cocaine with water, then, he inyected it and died. John died at age 24. Really young.

What I think of this is that is a really sad story having a young man of 24 years to dye so soon by drugs problem. It really impact me because John was better for a moment, the bad, then good and then bad. The worst thing was about a strange guy saying to John that Colombia is drug paradise!!! That was really frustrating to me because lately I had been noticing in every where, by websites, newspaper, friends, etc., saying that Colombia is the world's most drug produced and imported, kidnappings, and much more. Specially to Colombia which is where I live. Sometimes I get scared by Colombia but I know that we as a country we will recoverall those problems and gossips and fame we have of beeingdrug users and much. I advice you to read Nohora's blog which is really interesting because his father is a psicologis and much more, which means that he is relly experienced in all that information.

If you want to know more about this story with more details, visit Nohora's blog which is : I recomend you to read it all, specially the part of the death of John Smith. It will impact you....Based on real life, and his father is special in all those problems and issues based on teens :P

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Drugs reaches Cape Town, Africa

In Cape Town, their is a drug among teens and kids called in the United State 'crystal meth', which is a powerfull drug that makes you feel active, alert and a feeiling of beeing strong. This drug is called tik in Cape Town. That drug makes you see families tering out, bulling in schools, crime, violence and much more.

You can find it in every corner. Some girls are selling themselves, or in other words beeing a prostitue for the tik in a staw. These drugs are selled in a piece of straw which are melted with both ends and filled up with tik.

A girl who was in a rehabilitation for drug addicts was consuming this drug with a group of friends at school, in 2003. She said that the drug was awesome. That you could feel the rush till your toes and made you feel agitated. She said she could talked all the time. For her, the comedown is horrible. She says that she could feel her stomach beeing ripped out, and she returned aggresive. She beated her brother and sister, and swearing to her mom and dad.

Some addicts areup to ten, or even much younger! The girl said that he tik was really descructive, not only the people who use it, but also the family.

This drug had been through all Cape Town, this city is ruled by gangs and unemployaments that are reached up to 80%. Some teenages sell tik to support their family or steal money, cloth, and everything they look that they like.

Methamphetamine is no longer used by Americans, but in Cape Town, this growth has been explosive. Some people says that tik had grown dramatically. Every years it increases, as it decreaser the years of the people using it...

The drug that makes you feel good had been published its ingredients on the internet for people to do it on their homes.

Teens says that this drug makes you feel really good, as if you had were really 'relaxed'. This drug just have what teenages want. This drug had been returned into middle-class drug. Its really cheap and everyone can buy it. If you start using it at 15 years old, you would be problaby spending 8 $ a day, and for years later, 100$.

For some users, this drug causes irritability, insomnia, confusion, tremors, convulsions, anxiety, paranoia and aggression. This drug is related with HIV 'cause of teenages behavoir sexually.

We've seen a dramatic increase in tik use in the past couple of years,"
said Grant Jardine, director of the Cape Town Drug Counseling Center. "It is
increasing every year, and the age at which people start using is getting
younger and younger each year."

What I think of this information called "Drug takes toll on Cape Town's teens" was really surprising because it tells all the story of how teenages life in Cape Town, which makes me see a bad image of that city as a poverty one. This article really concerned me and surprised me also because teenages are consuming this drug since 10 years old and much younger.

I want to lead my path on what I had learned of this to teenages, so they reallize how people had lived and how they had wasted there money, and much more bad things.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Teenages Drugs Addicts

What I learned was that a guy whose family loved him so much, didn't wanted him to smoke cannabis, which is a drug. The guy's dad was sad and worried because police said that they were persecuting or arresting guys under 18. The dad's heart sank. Then, he was at university and he fell in. One day, the guy was using another kind of drug which was 20 more times harmful than cannabis. One day, the guy returned crazy, and had a seriously ill, which changes his family for ever. Before a Christmas night, the guy had packed to go, the parents though that he would be off during the weekend, but he didn't, he had went to London train station, and he had rang his family from France. Their parents were totally in panic because his son was on the other side of the world in search of of home. The guy had registered as homeless and their parents were worried besides were he has, but they were worried also because people would think that they had kicked him out from home. He wouldn't tell his family where he was. Their parents though that how he could do this if he had everything he needed, and such a loving family to have come to this. Now, his son had abandoned his family, he is making a new live and putting back his nightmare. Now he is working and he stopped smoking cannabis during 6 years. But his family was really worried about him because they had never heard of him, they didn't knew if he was better or worse, but still, the guy will never come back to home because of the horrible memories. His dad doesn't think that his son is suffering illness by cannabis, he thoughts that its an epidemic mental illness that his son is passing through.

My son was consuming a drug which was 20 times more harmful than cannabis

My opinion of this information is that I think that this information is really interesting because since you read it you cant stop reading this article I found because its about a family and a problem that they had with their son. But in one side, I don’t agree with the guy’s dad because for 5 years the guy had been smoking cannabis, and he though that the illness the guy was felling was just a mental problem, and its really logical that the drug had done this to him because is proved that drugs harm you. I also think that first of all, the guy didn’t received so much attention from his parents because their parents practically didn’t knew what was happening to him until we had his illness and all the stuff… So that’s my opinion.

I want to expand my knowledge of this topic to all the children and teenagers that are addicted to drugs and everything because drugs may cause many crazy things as killing people or as in the story moving 400 km from your house to a unknown place where you had never been to, and make your own living since you had 17 years old, or many more things that happens in your mind.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Teen Life Proect, Phone Call

Hi its me, Stephanie! Today I'm writting about how much I loved the phone call we did on Monday. I think It was really fun talking t someone that you were working or chatting with! You could finally hear their voices, and make a guess of how they could be, etc. It was really excited because we were a Mr. Hide's apartament and we could finaly see his baby called: Cohen Robert Hide. It was cool having to see a new born baby of your teacher. It was very crowed, but still, it was fun! The best part of all, was the view of Mr.Hide's home. Now I'm writting everything that happened from the beggining to the end. By messenger,they told me that it looked like we were going to do the phone call at my teachers home. Thanks God someone told me because we had o print to print a permisio slip and sign it to go there. If that person wouldn't told me about it, I wouldn't had been there. But I did. The next day, which was Monday, I waited all the day thinkin about the phone call, till it was 12:00 P.M. We all converged at the exit, ready to walk to our teacher's home. We walked almost about five minutes to ger there. When we were there, It was imposible for 40 kids to get on the elevator to Mr. Hide's apartament on time, so we had to run 20 bookstory ! It was frustrating because people were pushing and a girl called Mayi falled JA JA JA JA . But she was okay. We all get up stairs, all sweaty. But we wer there. We entered to Mr. Hide's house, it was clean and nicem you could hear Cohen crying, and by the sofas, there was an beautifull view. Something that we hated was that we were tired, and there was no Air conditioner! But still, I love that day. Finally we logged on Skype by Mr. Hide's laptop, then we heard the voices of Ashley, from Mr. Fisher’s class, and Anna. I don’t remember very well the names of some girls, but there was a girl whos voice was really slow. But that is very good because we could understand all of what she was saying. Suad made a really good job, aswell as Natalia Y. But Nathalie didn’t made a good job as I imagine, but the best part was Mr. Hide’s baby, this was really cool because we saw Cohen Robert in real life, instead of photos!It was really cute!! Ms. Karla was carrying him, and Cohen didn't ry about 40 kids staring at him and going like "awwww" or "how cutey!" In conclusion, I really loved doing that phone call because we could all comunicate with each others, and we could now some cultures and things about people of other places, and it was really excited. I hope we could do another thing like the phone call with other kids around the world because I really enjoy it, and we hope we could have another privilege as that one, because no other school in Cartagena gets the opportunity to do such thing like this.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Issues, Teen Life Project

Hi my name is Stephanie, but they call me Pifi, what I like to do is hanging out with my friends. I have twelve years and on March I will return into thirteen. My life in Cartagena is really exciting because they are lots of place we can visit like "Las murallas", the beaches, the chivas, and its climate is really warm, and on nights, windy. I have three main issues which I'm interested on:

Global Warming; What I like if this issue is when Global Warming makes the poles melt, having some plants, animals and living things drown, some countries to sink by the excess of water, making oceans, rivers, lakes, grow large. Sometimes, it makes the Global Warming excess as well in Green House, causing all the living things die not only for drowning, but by the hot climate.

Smoking; I find interesting this topic because many people are dying by bad use of smoking, and they abuse of it, returning it into an habit that it would be almost imposible to stop the use of it. Some people just can't stop using it becuase they can't life with out smoking. Smoking causes your lungs to be not able to work well so most people are affected by it.

Crime; Some people think that the way of obtaining things fairly is by stealing. Citizens doesn't know that working its how you must earn your money. Its true that poor people need furniture, food, etc., to keep a living but the doesn't know that working is the way they have to do. But still, many people still because they don't have money, homes, etc.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Respond To Maple Street's Monster

What the figures tried to explain in this story called "Monters Are Due on Maple Street" means that for conquest, they don't necessarily have to come out from bombs, guns, nuclear weapons, etc. The most dangerous enemy for humans are themselfes. Why? Because many lives had been destroyed by toughts and attitudes come from mens such as suspicious destroys, prejudices kill, frightens and scared only search for a scapegoat.

The message that the Figures explain at the end of the story made me feel curious, but at the same time made me feel scared. I think that it is true because of what I read about Rod Serling's opinion;
"Thousand of lives were destroyed by suspicious and suggestion. People lost their
jobs, homes, and friends when they were accused of beeing members of the
Communist party,even though membership in the party was legal. During this time
some people made up stories about others in other to appear innocent themselves,
and many people were afraid to continue friendship with those who had been
accused or were suspected of beeing member of the Communist party..."

How would this story come that we, humans, are ourselfes number one enemy. Not by guns, by our minds. This is reflected on the world because same thing happened on Maple Street, the same thing would happen around the world. As the Figures said, "Maple Street is not unique" or "The world is full of Maple Streets".

What I think it would be more reallistic is that instead of alliens, should be some spirits doing that, that spirits are already proved, so it is posible that all this is made by some strange forces, etc. What people right now know about aliens, and u.f.o's is that they might think they are real, but they still don't have enough prove for saying that they do excist. They know about how their spacecraft look like, etc.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Really Sad Story

Hello, my name is Julie, and I'm going to talk you about my horrible day. Today, I was walking to my school, and I found a big, muddy pond, made by the rain, near the street. A car had passed through and all that water when up to my face. I smelled poopy, and that is not good. I tried to clean my self but a dog's scatt made it imposible. I didn't knew what to do because everytime I want to fix something, I just spoill it. I smelled, my foot smelled, and this day aswell.

Getting to school, a bully rob me my money, so I had nothing to eat. The bell rang. It was a special day, well, really not for me, for Mr. Hodu. We had 5 hours of Social Studies and English, in total 10 hours. It was no good for me. Break finally started(once a day, done't ask, my school is weird), and I almost died on Mr. Hodu's class, but not only for that I was dying, besides everybody notice that I smelled dirty, and I had a doodoo on my shoe, accidently, a little gas (if little means that it sounded all over the classroom) flew. I was really shy because the boy I like always ignores me, but this little gas attracted his attention, and he finally notice I excist, in a dirty manner.

I was starving, with nothing to eat. I beg on the streets, and the police catch me and send me to prison. I though that I was too little to be suffering this. But a magical dragon fired up everything, including me, to send me free. The dragon had an important meeting, so he trashed me from the sky, and I dropped in a dark jungle with carnival animals. I wanted to pee but I couldn't because if I did the animals will be mad at me.

-"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I shouted. It was a dream!!!! Nothing had happened! Woohoo!
I jump of the bed, but I broked my face.

The Sad End. =)

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Horrible Fight

"Tiffany, get out of bed now, it's 6:30," My Mom yelled from the kitchen, "you are going to be late for school." I woke up, really angry at Mom. I though myself not to obey her, but I had to go to school, all the mornings she does that, and that is really estressing. As soon I woke up, I drank a delicious coffee, one of my favorite drinks I like to have. In the way for going to the bathroom, I was thinking what I would do today at school.

"Play soccer, play soccer and play soccer" I said to myself. I took a shower, and the water was reeeeally cold. I remembered that I hate cold water. I dressed up, and I went to school.

I get home, and I founf with my best friend, Laurie.

"Hey Tiff!" Laurie said, “what’s up?" I was a little exhausted because of school, so I didn't want to talk really.

"Not much, I just came of school, and I really want to sleep." I said, "Lets talk later, bye!"

Laura nodded, like if she didn't care. I didn't knew why I was so sad, at the same time furious, but I really didn't knew, maybe because this Friday wasn't so excited like it was. Later on, at 3:54 P.M., I woke up, ready to walk somewhere, or maybe go and look for Laurie. At the way on to Laura's house, I found Tisha.

"Hey Tiff, thanks goodness I found you, I was just wondering if you could go to my birthday party, here is you card," she said, handing out my birthday card "hope you get there!" I knew that she would not invite Laurie, so I really didn't want to go.

"Maybe I will go to your party next year; I don’t want to leave Laurie alone." I said. Tisha's face returned red. Sometimes she gets odd or jealous at us because we are really best friends.

"Well," Tisha, with a angry face said, "I really don’t care if you go or not, it’s your problem, you are the one who is loosing all the fun." She went walking by. I think I should have told her a lie. But I'm not that kind of person, really, that made me sadder. I went to Lau's house, then, I ran to her.

"Hey Laurie, we should do something today" I told her, but Tisha was already there, near Laura's house.

"Hey girls! You are both invited to my party today at 4:00 P.M!" She shouted. "I know it’s a little late but... Never mind just get to my house!" It was really strange. How could she invite Laurie? All what I knew was that Laura and Tisha were always fighting, so it sound me weird, I ignored that. As soon as we got to the party, Tisha and her friends were looking at us. That made more and more sad.

"Why are they looking at us?" I said to Laurie.

"I really don't know, Tisha is so double face"

"Yep, how could she be so meaniepants, well, lets do nothing. I'm tired" I didn't wanted to tell Laurie about how I was feeling, but she notice it.

"What's happening to you girl?" Laurie shouted "You look today so strange! Do you have an illness or something?" I didn't respond. I had never felled so sad before, the first thing I wanted to do was to run away to my home, lock my bedroom, and hear music. Tisha had a plan and I knew that, but, I could not find a logical answer to that.

"Tiffany! Come here please!" As soon as I looked at Tisha, calling to me, I went there.

"Yes Tisha?" I said

"I'm going to give you a type of advice; try not talking to Laura, if you could imagine what she had told me!" I really didn't care at that time what did Laurie said about me, I didn't care about nothing that day. "She told me loads of thing about you!" I really get angry.

All my sadness returned to madness, and all what I did is to throw my madness to my ex-best friends, Laura. I went to her and I shouted, "How could you say all those things about me Laura! You are so double face!"

Lau was crying, I had never done that to anyone. But all what I did was to run to my home, instead of asking for an excuse. I looked at my watch; it had returned 4:30 P.M. already! But as soon as I get there, my Mom, Julie received a phone call of Laurie's Mom, Lily.

My mom looked at me saying, "Why you made Laura cry today at that Tisha's birthday party! I'm so embarrassed, that is being mean!" she said in a angry way, " Lily is worried because Laurie had not returned home!" I thought many things, but I didn't want to remember that.

I went to the store more near, which was located beside Laurie's house. I was scared that Laurie's mom could appear and talk to me, or things that adults always do. As soon as I walked in, I found myself with Laura, but we both ignored ourselves. By accident, I tripped beside Laurie, her Coca-Cola broke and spilled all over the floor, all her potatoes chips rolled over the floor, her hair messed up, all worst things that could happen to you, all caused by a rock, in middle of my way.

"You are so stupid! You had been stupid since I met you!" Laurie screamed, "Don't you see what you had done to me! You did it on purpose! Just look at you, you don't have a scratch!" At that time, everybody looked at me, as the guilty about everything, but before thinking twice of talking to Laurie, she had kicked me. Right after I hit her, we both were like punching, kicking, hitting, scratching hard one to the other.

"Tiffany! Leave my daughter alone! You are making her bleed!" cried Lily. The last thing that I did when Lily saw us fighting, was punching Lily in the face. I ran away. I was really scared about what we both did to each other. It was the first time that happened to me with my best friend, Laurie. It was now 5:15 P.M. I though of going to her house and excuse her for what I did, and that was the only option of not loosing our friendship for ever. I saw her there, sitting with her mother, as if Laurie was telling her everything in details. I approach towards Laurie.

"Things are a bit crazy ‘round here. Sorry" I said, with a nervous voice. As soon as I talk, Lily was gone.

"Yeah, sure, same here." Laurie responded.

"Is that true? That you talk bad about me?"

"No! Who told you that?"

"Never mind. Just the ugly snot of Tisha. Now I understand it. She wanted to sabotage our friendship."
From there and on, we had been more friends than before. Leaving Tisha in everything behind. We will never hang on with her again.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Zac Efron, Cutie Guy

His real name: Zachary David Alexander Efron
His B-day: 10/18/1987
Place where he live: San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
Job: Actor
Sign: Libra

Zac Efron is my favorite actor I had ever saw. Since the Movie "High School Musical" I had been liking him more and more! Here is a little biography of this famouse actor, Zac Efron;

All full name is Zachary David Alesander Efron, birthday was on October 18, 1987. His birthplace was in San Luis Obispo, California, United States, Zac's occupation is actor, and his sign is Libra. Death day; N/A, and hopes never happen. Death reason; N/A. Zac has been acting from 11 years old, when their parents knew that he had entertaining talent, his parents send him to singing lessons where he improved his skills. He won his first acting role, in a production of the "Gypsy". He is more known for the Tv show called "Summerland" and from the movie in Disney Channel called "High School Musical". He sang on that movie, which made him more popular than he was. His family is completed by his parents, his brother Dylan, and his pets a siamese cat and two dogs.

I ♥ Zac <3>

Bye bye peepz!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Nightmare Holiday ♪

It was October 31, at 12:00 P.M. My friends and I decided to go camping to Wood Nuts, located in middle of nowhere. Really, it was located in the woods. Things were geting awfull as we continued our trip. We entered to the little house, made of wood. 2-: It was warm, comfortable, and country style. 1-: We founded pizza and juice, and hamburgers in the fridge. The house was a mess! We had to clean it. 4-:I mopped the floor, Susy cleaned the lamp, and Dany was serving dinner. We had to do it all for ourselves. 3-:We saw the same boy in a bike, in a car, and in a scooter. I was like ugh? We were getting really scared.

We all get to bed at 1:30 A.M exactly. But suddendly, the television turned on! I rush and unplug the TV. 5-:Underneath the fridge, I found a little note. It was all dusty and dirty, it said "Beware... I give you an advice, little girl... RUN AWAY NOW!"

After I read the note I was really unconcerned about it. First I though it was a joke, but then I found myself in the house alone! I turned blue and green, and purple. Suddendly, I heard a scream. It was Susy! I was getting in panic. I tried to call my family, but there was no comunication. 6-:I was jogging through the woods, but when I saw a big shadow behind me I started to run! I fall into the ground and I hurt myself. I remain still, thinking that this will have been my end. My dad always used to tell me that 7-:whenever I tripped and twist my anckle, I should not move and call for help. But I was not allowed to do that. The shadow was coming through here, the only option I had was to remain in silence.

I found Susy and Dany. Thanks God! But then, they giggled and laughed. They both shouted "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" Argh! The worse part was that they ask me if I get scared. How stupid. I was like, YES, I did!

1-series of modifiers
2-series of objects
3-series of phrases
4-series of independent clauses
5-introductory prepositional phrase
6-introductory participial phrase
7-introductory adverb clause
8-introductory yes, no, or interjection

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Eye Hurts

Damn! Sorry for the word. I'm really stressed about my eye. I just poked it with a branch. Ouch. That must hurt a LOT if it would be with another weird thing, so watch out. Every minute I make wrong ortography with my English typing. It may be normal, lol. But it is not great deal that I just poked my eye. You just dont imagine what I'm feeling! This eye doesn't work to me, hehe. I think I'm exagerating, the pain makes me see things worse than they are! Well, now my mom is putting me something weird in my eye and I'm not able to type. [ BRB ] That thing smells weird. Woah, it looks like a little worm, hehe.

Finally, the "operation" had finished, and I can type normaly, if normaly means typing with a closed eye. Anyways, this entry is not only about my eye. I was wondering if you liked my blog because I'm really having bad time doing this, I'm forced to make a post with a rotted eye! Poor of me. Mr. Hide probably tomorrow at school will send me a little note of not doing my homework, hehe. Well, so what's up people! write me a little comment about my blog if you like it or not, or if it sucks, whatever but please don't be mean lol.

I got to go, bed time! Adiós, Bye ♥ PiFi
Remeber to eat carrots!

Friday At City of Iron... [Ciudad de Hierro]

On Friday I went to the city of iron, located in Chambacu. City of iron is mostly recognized as ciudad de hierro. My company was Caro, Kathe and Adri. I was so fun and cool hanging with my friends to the park, like, we always hugged each other in each atraction!

First we came to the park, I was really excited, wondering where the hell could Adri be! We were rushing, looking everywhere for her, but we found her eating. Why would someone eat food in a "ciudad de hierro?"Obviusly it is normal to eat... But in the city of iron? They drive you up and down! You propably get to a point where you could vomit. Anyways, the fun was about to start.

We were buying the tickets for the games, (now, they are not tickets, they give you something like a credit card) we all put 30,000 thousand pesos for each of us! I was like, wee! we could be in all the atractions. I get into the ship, which was like right, up, left, down and up, like that successively. Then I went into the Super Shot... What do I think about it? HORRIBLE! I was kinda AHHH! but really amazing. You may feel a big emptiness in all you body! Maybe you may feel like if your soul may had been lost up there! Oh my God. My advice; don't even try to smell it. Then, cataracts! The only cool thing I have to describe it was the final part, all the water spilting on you. But the nasty, poopy and dirty part was the water. Yuck, eww, sniff. x(

The 2000! kind of a UFO. Really cool, it had music, and the best part you get stick to the wall! I know you might be like a little Ugh? But... you know.. the gravity thing, etc, I don't want to bore you before time. Anyways I had a good time. Eventho I get in more atractions but I will take a eternity to narrate it all!

Dinner... Bye! PiFi

Monday, October 02, 2006

Problems and Solutions

What bad habits do you sometimes use when trying to solve a problem?

Sometimes I just leave my problems in one side, but at the same time I worry about them because I think that my problem would last forever. Other times I reflect in how I acted, how I responded to that person, or how did both feeled. Compared to my strageties, its almost the same because most of the time I try to speak to the person I'm having problems, I comment all my reflections, and how I feeled. My bad habits for my problems are that sometimes I ignore people and just gossip about them, sometimes I just look them with a mean looking, other times I just push them, or even I may hurt them!
A mistake when I was trying to solve a problem that involved Fulanita:

Fulanita and I decide to play soccer in the school at 4:30P.M. We were really excited because we had the field for us to practice. Fulanita is much better than me playing soccer, so I tried to win her. She was laughing of me, while she was saying me to be more agresive, if I wanted to improve. But the thing was that I took it really serious, and I accidently pushed her to the ground and she broke a leg, leaving her really injured.

My mistake was that wanting beeing better than her playing soccer, I ended up messing with Fulana, making me really furious and pushing her accidently to the floor. What cause me to make that accident was that I really wished to improved and get to a superior level playing soccer, but I didn't solve that in a nice way. What I did was that I helped her to get up, and I brought some water for her, I felt really sad about what I've done to her, just because I wanted to be better than her. I did try to fix it, because I was the one who cause that accident, In a way that I helped her, and I told her that it didn't happened nothing. The first thing that I did to fix it was trying to apologize with her, and I even called myself an idiot.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lemonade Sell

Finally I'm allowed to make a new entry! But now I'm talking about what my friends, Caro, Dany, and I did on Saturday.

We were really boring, thinking on what we could do on this Saturday. We made a list of what we had done on Friday; Go out and eat with our friends, eat pizza, and swim on the pool. We didn't knew what to do! It was the most horrible Saturday that I had lived.

Suddendly, Dany had an idea. To make a lemonade sale! I know it might sound weird for you, but it's a creative thing to do. We just followed Daniella's idea because we had nothing to do. Caro gaved the cups, the table, plus the napkins. I gaved the water and the sugar, but Dany only brought the lemons.

In my house, we started to cut in half all of the lemons. Then, we squeezed with a machine all the lemons, and we put the juice on a cup. Finally, we combined it with the water and the sugar. For us, was difficult to see if it was not to sweet, etc.

We stablished on Caro's house. At the beggining, we found it really embarasing, sitting there, selling lemonade like little stupid girls, but then, we adapt to that problem. No one had bought us at first, but then, at 2:00P.M big hordes of people were buying us. It was a disaster. From each lemonade we served, huges amounts of liquid was spilting on the table. We really needed to close for a moment and clean that. Then, we open it again, but, I saw a guy, like of our age looking at us with amazing. I tought he was thinking "Why this girls are selling lemonade?" Embarasing! I hid in the bushes, trying to avoid him.

At the end, we each earned 5 thousand pesos. Not much really, but that didn't mind for us. What we liked about this experience was having fun!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Having a Blog

My expectation of having a blog is really fun, cool and awesome for me, this is my second time to create a blog. Well, I don’t know if for my friends it's not boring to make comments when they assign you a specific idea for making one. But thanks God they let us make free post for ourselves.

Sometimes for me reading my comments on both of my blogs are really fun because you want to know what your friends think about all what you have done on something like in this blog. It's also cool writing comments to your friends and showing them how special their blogs are or showing them what you think about their posting and correct their mistakes, etc.

What I've learned on Blogger is how to create a blog by doing certain steps, I've learned how to comment people, and as well reading my comments, another thing, which is the last of the common tools on Blogger I had learned is to creating post and putting hyperlinks, pictures, etc.

Blogger had been really useful for me 'cause I can express myself to all my friends and we can get in contact by... Commenting us etc. Also it had been useful in a way that we have to retell stories, write what do we think about it, all this increase my English skills.

That's what I think about Blogger


Monday, September 18, 2006

A Story to Prevent Rats in the Future

The story I'm going to talk about is called "Three Skeleton Key" awesome story, but was really exxagerated and scary. Definitely I hate rats. Even more if they are sea rats! I wonder why they didn't name it "The Sea Rats Attack." The most horrible part was when the rats climbed to the light house and they broke the window's mark! But what I really didn't like was that they almost ate Itchua alive! Poor him. It remembers me when my grandmother told me that once she met a girl who had a little bird and the rat ate him. With the conclusion that the little bird was Itchua.

The three inoffensive lighthouse keepers were running really fast up to the light, where the door was of steel. It's like the movie called "Darkness Falls" That movie was horrible! Almost the same as this part of the story, the movie's characters were running up where the light was so the horrible beast didn't eat them. The thing is that the horrible beast was scared of the light. About that, the part that I most HATE was that Itchua died.

Ha-ha. The part which I pee on myself laughing was when the rats made from themselves a pile! It’s almost the same as some cartoons I had saw on TV. But another thing also remebers me to Duffy's Jacket... When the rats where in search of their food! As when the horrible sentinel was in look foot Duffy!

Image above "Sea Rat" swimming.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tips for fashion

Hello, it's me again! I want to tell you some tips of fashion... (Only for girls), that I found in a magazine called Tu. I hope you like it! =)

It is cool being strawberry.

-Did you know that if you eat eight strawberries per day you can impr ove you health ?
-Are keys for preventing illness.
-They offer a strong nutritional value.

Radiography of a grape

-In their seeds you can find the tannins and delicious oil that are excellent to hydrate the skin.
-In the pulp are the vitamins M: sugar, potassium, a
nd calcium, that are the mayor source or energy.
-Helps to combat the

Cool body... On wheels.

-The spinning is one of the physical activities more practiced in the world. Thanks that in 40 minutes of spinning promise to burn more than 500 calories. Is beneficial to hips, legs, arms, belly, etc. An advice is to practice 2 times a week. Don’t forget to keep your body strong!